Accountants in South Woodford

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants, Registered Auditors and Business Advisors who help people to achieve their goals and ambitions and realise their dreams. We are based on South Woodford, London, with a wide range of corporate and private clients, coming to us from all walks of life.


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Simi Koleji, Anima Sana London

Thank you for a wonderful and carefree Christmas this year. I will thoroughly enjoy it and there will be no last minute panicking, sleepless nights (on 30 January), remembering the password, and freaking out over tax Return when i come back from Christmas holiday. The nightmare is already over. All these years I was… Read More “Simi Koleji, Anima Sana London”

Robert Moy, Pursebearer to the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain

I had an awful feeling that a large Capital Gains tax bill was about to land on my doormat courtesy of HM Customs & Revenue, as a result of an inheritance from my mother. I decided to consult an accountant, to see what, if anything can be done. I went to Alan Patient & Co,… Read More “Robert Moy, Pursebearer to the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain”

Barry Neil, Ambient

One of my clients was defrauded of a large amount of money. Alan, very efficiently, helped the company sort out just how much and in what way. He has helped the company recover the funds from their bank and other sources to minimize the pain. He has supported them through the traumatic time a thoroughly… Read More “Barry Neil, Ambient”

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Case Studies

There are some case studies below, or follow the link to our dedicated page
Heating Engineer
We have helped a start-up heating engineer turn their business into a multimillion pound turnover company
Care Homes
We have helped a firm of Chartered Accountants who had assisted their client who runs 13 care homes
Property Developer
Our client had a sizeable sum of money accumulated in their company that they did not want to

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